Hammer & Company, P.A.

9373 Seminole Blvd
Seminole, FL 33772

Manufacturing Company:

Mark took over our accounting in 1982. We face many issues as business owners and Hammer & Company has always made time for our questions and concerns. Over the years their input to our operations has been invaluable.

He set up our QuickBooks TM accounting system and trained us how to use it. We now can track the cost of building each unit we sell and the related profit. We were instructed on how to prepare our sales tax returns and our payroll tax returns and W-2’s and have saved quite a sum of money over the years as we did not need to hire a payroll service.

Mark works with us each quarter to minimize our income taxes and advises what we need to pay for our estimated taxes so there are no surprises when filing our returns.

We have worked with him over the years in planning for our eventual retirement. Our company adopted a low cost Simple IRA retirement plan that has allowed us to put aside money and get a tax deduction at the same time. He assisted us in developing an estate plan and worked with the attorney to draft our wills and trusts.

General/Roofing Contractor:

When we engaged Hammer & Company in March of 2002, we were in need of additional working capital. They assisted us in preparation of a business plan and prepared forecasted financial statements then introduced us to several lenders who made us proposals. Then they assisted us in evaluating the proposals to make an informed decision. The additional financing made a significant improvement in our cash flow and ability to grow our business.

Over the years Hammer & Company has done an annual overhead analysis so we could understand the “cost of doing business” and then to develop a better method of bidding our contracts. They have assisted us in the decision process when we needed to purchase costly equipment and vehicles and when we refinanced our business property. In doing so, we were able to more effectively evaluate whether to lease or buy them and they also checked rates with various lenders to get the best interest rate.

We consider Mark and his company Hammer & Company a partner and integral part of our business. When making financial decisions Mark’s knowledge of current and pending tax issues has proved invaluable in helping us to make the best decision for our company. We consider his counsel, both moral and ethically and his expertise to be a most valuable asset to the success of our company.

Transfer Design Manufacturer:

Mark has been our accountant since 1989. He assisted us in setting up our accounting system and helped train our accounting staff to provide timely, accurate accounting reports for our department heads, management team and our bank. Their staff members work with us in preparation of annual budgets to measure our cash flow requirements and to find ways to “trim the fat”.

Their advice to change from a C-Corporation to an S-Corporation many years ago saved us State income tax, payroll taxes on owner compensation and allowed more flexibility in distributing profit to me.

Restaurant Owner:

Hammer & Company became our accountants in 2008. They helped us restructure our QuickBooks TM for better reporting and corrected the accounting of our previous CPA. Their familiarity with the special tax law provisions for our industry allowed for a significant tax refund. They are available to help and willing to consult us on any occasion or with any problem relating to business matters for which we are extremely grateful.

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